Be The Grace!
Let nothing hold you back from soaring.


Michelle Norris

I'm Michelle Norris...

and it's lovely to meet you.


While the goals of Zero Gravity Soul are lofty, it all started in the depths of tragedy.



The very worst thing that could happen to any parent happened to me: I lost my daughter, Brittani, in a tragic car accident three days before her 23rd birthday and a week before her college graduation as a worship and music ministry major.

After an enormous amount of healing and fighting with God, I finally arrived at a place where I realized I simply had NO MORE FEAR.

How could I?

I was able to survive this most devastating experience of my life and in coming through the other side, I began to embrace life in a completely different way. 

I learned that there's no sense in playing it safe or small, in not taking risks, in being worried about so many of the things I used to be concerned with...

Life can change in an instant. Make your instant count.

After Brittani's death, I began to uncover what an amazing impact she had made on this planet in such a short amount of time — I wanted to keep carrying that legacy on.

I had a deep desire to transform my tragedy into more positivity in the world.

This is when I co-founded Paleo f(x)™, which has now become the largest Paleo platform and conference in the world and a multi-million dollar venture.

As one of my many successful entrepreneurial endeavors, it encapsulates the same 6 key pillars of health I also infuse into Zero Gravity Soul:

1) Physical
2) Mental
3) Emotional
4) Relational
5) Financial
6) Spiritual

My deepest drive is to inspire women to find their purpose and let nothing hold themselves back from soaring.

It's time for women to thrive.

It's time for us to lead.

It's time for us to do what we love and to support one another in loving our lives.

That's what Brittani would have wanted.

And, it's what I want for you, too.



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Women are nurturing and that’s okay in the world of business. Being vulnerable is one of the biggest assets you can bring to a place of power and leadership. That shows everyone the authenticity of who you really are as a human.
— Michelle Norris, Wellness Force Podcast